Meet our Consultants

We have been drawn together by our interest in global infrastructure growth and the strengthening of economies we are united from all parts of the world, our team synergy fosters excitement for every project and we work as one creative unit to overcome problems and make your visions a reality.  

  • We are unique. With over 100 staff; management consultants, economists, financial analysts, planners, infrastructure engineers, PPP experts, operations experts, institutional specialists, social and project managers.
  • We are diverse.  CPCS’s multicultural team can provide unique perspectives. Our team consists of 19 different nationalities.
  • We are forward thinking.  In a male dominant industry, CPCS’ fresh approach involves selecting top talent for our teams, women and men.  Our team consists of 41% women.
  • We are well-educated.  Our team members hold MBA’s, PhDs, PEng (Professional Engineers) and JDs and specialized industry certifications/diplomas.
  • We are global. Reaching wide with 14 worldwide offices and plans for more as we continue to expand. 
  • We are multi-lingual: Our languages include English, French, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Portugese, Punjabi, Arabic, Urdu, Creole and Swahili.