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CPCS's North American Division provides services across the full spectrum of freight and passenger transportation sectors, including the rail, port, marine (ferry services, short sea shipping), intermodal, highway, air and urban transit sub-sectors. We have a unique understanding of the entire transport chain, the relationships between the various modes of transport as well as the needs, challenges, and opportunities of major shippers.

We offer a multidisciplinary team of experts with senior management experience in all modes of transportation and specialized expertise in key functional areas. We are one of the few firms that combine management, technical, financial, and legal/regulatory advisory services under one roof. The fact that we are able to provide service across the full spectrum of the infrastructure cycle, from creating an enabling environment to negotiating a successful transaction, allows us to provide solutions to our clients at any point during the life of a project.

"The North American Division has grown over the past five years into an experienced multidisciplinary team of economics, finance, business analytics, and geographic information systems professionals. Our team is ready to solve even the most challenging business problems in transportation."

Marc-Andre Roy
VP North American Division

Our clients have included every level of government in Canada, numerous foreign government departments and agencies, industry associations, the private sector and all major international financial institutions, including the World Bank. Private sector clients have included port operators, Class 1 Railways and other logistics providers as well as private debt and equity investors.

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