Veiko Parming



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Senior Consultant


B.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering), University of Toronto 

M.S. (Transportation), MIT


Started at CPCS

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Veiko is a Senior Consultant with CPCS, and a versatile transportation-sector specialist with experience across Canada and the United States. Veiko holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from MIT, and previously was a National Scholar at the University of Toronto in the Civil Engineering department. At MIT, his primary research work was a study of multifactor productivity in the US trucking industry since interstate deregulation. With CPCS, his work has focused on multimodal freight transportation, urban goods movement, freight cluster and land use analysis, economic sector and cost-benefit analysis, performance metrics and emerging data sources, transportation policy, and multimodal urban transportation (including active transportation). Veiko has served as Project Manager or Project Coordinator for metropolitan goods movement studies in the Greater Toronto Area and in medium-sized cities across North America (e.g. Twin Cities, Boise among others). Much of this work has involved devising novel ways of combining new freight data sources (including GPS data and sector-based land use data) to clearly and compellingly describe how freight clusters and freight corridors operate within metropolitan areas, with a particular focus on the economic importance of freight and goods movement.