CPCS Presenting World Bank Brown Bag Lunch: The Evolving Challenges of Developing Solar Projects


CPCS’ Managing Director of Infrastructure Development, Nate Lowbeer-Lewis, will be presenting the results of a recent study by CPCS for the World Bank on assessing public sector interventions to scaling up grid connected solar.  Please join us on Tuesday, December 18th at 12:30 EST using the link below.

The dramatic decrease in solar PV modules and the increase in efficiency of the solar PV have led to a rapid increase in solar deployment across emerging markets. However, as solar PV penetration increases, power systems operators are faced with new challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain the stability of the electrical grid. In other words, the scale-up of solar PV penetration is limited by the capacity of the system to integrate the variable renewable energy. This challenge is compounded by the fact that solar PV plants can be deployed in record time (a couple of months) by private developers with sometimes take-or-pay contracts, while regulators and grid operators typically take longer to build the capacity, complete the studies and procure infrastructure required to manage the variability of solar power. Inability to manage the variability of power has led to curtailment of solar power to avoid threatening the power system. A recent study undertaken by the World Bank suggests that grid integration is the new technological barrier to the scale-up of solar power and public powers need to invest in related enabling works to attract private capital for the sustainable deployment of solar PV. This BBL presents the perspective of public and private stakeholders on the issue and explores areas for public support. 

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Chair & Discussants: Monyl Toga, Kwawu Mensan Gaba, Silvia Martinez Romero, Jorge Servert