IADB Publishes Report on CPCS's Short Sea Shipping Study in the Caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank has published a Technical Note stemming from the recommendations made by CPCS on our study to develop a network and finance model for short sea shipping in the Caribbean. The report can be found here. The objective was to provide policy and investment recommendations for improving the quality and frequency of short sea shipping networks in the region. The study included stakeholder interviews, best practices assessment, and an analysis of current maritime trade, infrastructure condition and service quality in the shipping industry in the Caribbean.

Recommendations proposed by CPCS include two intervention scenarios, (1) a reconfiguration of short sea shipping services in the Eastern Caribbean to the south-north direction, which would improve inter-island connectivity (as illustrated on the map below); and (2) a reduction in port tariffs for “less than container load” containers, which would incentivize shippers to increase intra-regional trade.

Key Contributors: 

Key contributors from CPCS include Sean McDonnell (Team Leader), Hichame Selmaoui (Project Director), Andrew Bouffard (Project Coordinator), Jean-Francois Pelletier (Transport Modeller), and Raj Fernando (Financial Analyst).