Ports and Marine

Water transport is the most economical of all modes and when it is effectively linked with land transport services it can be play an important role in transport strategies.

  • It requires relatively low levels of investment compared to road, rail or air transport
  • It is well suited for the movement of bulk commodities
  • It is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other modes

Ports provide a critical gateway for international waterborne trade. Making ports and their inland distribution systems more capable can contribute immensely to country's economic success and prosperity. Well-maintained, modernized, and efficient Port infrastructure and operations can result in increased trading activity that can greatly benefit emerging economies. CPCS helps clients find innovative solutions to develop and improve water transport services, infrastructure and safety.

Our services include:

  • Master Plans
  • Capacity, operations and/or strategic reviews
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Port reform strategy
  • Private Sector Participation
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Implementation support

"CPCS has helped ports around the world to move towards more efficient market-driven systems.  We combine port operations, technical and organizational expertise, with an understanding of the context of port reform and the role of the private sector in port development and operation."

Community of Practice

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