Power is one of the top drivers of economic and social development.

In the rapidly changing landscape of the power sector, CPCS helps utilities, regulators, private investors and other key clients navigate and adapt to the realities of modern power markets around the world.

We advise on the development of bankable private power projects, long-term sector policy and strategy, modern regulation and sector reformrenewable energy strategies and frameworks, modernization of utilities and utility performance, electricity access interventions and programs, among others.

Power services:


We understand that unbundling is not always the right or the only answer and the way restructuring is approached has a significant influence on its success. Our approach to improving energy supply chain is centered on developing a viable framework keeping in view the context and objectives of the client for the sustainable provision of infrastructure facilities and services. From the onset we clearly articulate the objectives for the exercise that becomes guiding principles in developing the solutions. We understand the importance and role of policy and regulatory framework for a competitive and sustainable sector that thrives on incentive based continuous improvement strategies. 


We understand the importance of determining the true value of an asset and the appropriate business structure. From the onset we help our clients determine the true value of the asset and help them setting up the right business and transaction structure. We carry out options analysis. We identify all of the risks and advise on risk mitigation strategies. We help our clients in carrying out all financial, technical, operational, commercial, legal due diligence and any other matters related to the transactions.  We focused on understanding and managing value and risk throughout the transaction. We design, help implement and manage transparent transaction process that foster competition and speedy closure of the transaction.


We know that the development and operation of power plant is exposed to a variety of interconnected risks due to high capital investment coupled with significant upfront development cost. Failure to develop or consistently maintain a power plant can be very expensive to developer/owner as well as other stakeholders such as buyer and consumers. Our experience and understanding of markets and risks is instrumental in helping clients identify and developing the financially and technically viable power projects with clear understanding of risks. We help our clients develop and implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies.   


We carry out comprehensive due diligence of power assets as well as analyse the markets they operate in for our clients. We understand the relationship between project risks and project cash flow and help our clients to thoroughly understand and analyse this important aspect to ensure that the investment objectives are achieved.  


Our GIS services provide spatial data on the generation, transmission and distribution systems, from the generation plant down to end user. By providing spatial visualization of power assets and their usage CPCS is able to successfully support clients in the power sector operate and plan their assets more profitably and provide better service to end users.


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 Consulting Team



Global Director, Power - Rob Graham

Rob is an economist by training with a Masters of Economics from McGill University in Canada. Rob has a successful track record in electricity market reform, subsidy and tariff design, large electricity transactions as well as project development. Rob worked as Project Coordinator for the Nigerian PHCN electricity transactions, closing 16 electricity generation and distribution company deals valued at over $2.6 billion in upfront proceeds to the Federal Government of Nigeria. Rob also worked as energy economist on some of CPCS largest energy projects including the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro Transaction, a $2 billion dollar hydroelectricity project. Currently Rob is project manager on the detailed design and implementation plan of the Mozambique GET FiT project for KfW, and previously worked as economist and project manager on the development of a Power Consumer Assistance Fund for the Government of Nigeria. Rob is also one of the three dedicated Project Managers for the CPCS InfraCo Africa Developer Services Agreement to work on behalf of InfraCo to develop energy and transport projects throughout Africa.


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